Welcome to Rural Country Living!

Welcome to Rural Country Living, where you will find all kinds of interesting tidbits, snippets and articles to help inspire you and make your life easier!  If you all ready live in the countryside, or if you are working towards moving to your ideal property, Rural Country Living, will keep you motivated to stick to your goals!

And talking about goals, we will be beginning our build with straw bales soon!  When the rain stops, we will jump in and start our project.  The straw bale dwelling will be nothing fancy, as this is our first attempt.  We don’t want to spend another winter in the travel trailer, and straw is inexpensive and easy to build with.  When it’s finished, we will be warm, and we’ll feel safe knowing that we have built a healthy green home made with natural products, that are sustainable, good for the environment, and good for the people and pets that live there.

Follow us, as we embark on our journey towards a healthier home.


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